Hey, welcome to Dead Channel. The overarching concept for this newsletter is “making sense of culture at the end of the world”—by which I don’t mean some singular Armageddon, but the slow-motion breakdown we’re all living through. I’m interested in how we tell stories in the dark—that’s ”stories” writ large, which is to say books but also TV, comics, the internet, games, art, theater, folklore and mythology and urban legend, and also community and identity: the stories we tell each other and ourselves about who we are.

For the time being, I don’t have any subscriber-only posts. That said, if you want to support writing to the tune of approximately $0.001 per word, please feel enormously free to do so! I had to get out a calculator to do that math and I had to check it SEVERAL times so I really cannot overstate how much I’m not qualified for any other way of earning a living.

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Making sense of culture at the end of the world


Sad old goth. Women and Other Monsters: https://beacon.org/monsters