What's happening in the next few weeks, on and off Substack

Hi folks! For reasons you’re either painfully, annoyingly aware of OR would be bored by, I’m looking into ways to move this newsletter off Substack. However, I’m also in the throes of book publicity right now, which makes it hard to figure out these kinds of strategic moves. It is also, frankly, really hard to make myself write for a company I’m extremely mad at while also distracted with other stuff, even though the “for” there is doing a lot of undeserved work. (I’m not writing this FOR Substack, I’m writing it for you! And yet.) So here’s what all that means: I will be writing less for the next few weeks, then making a move with one of the services that allows you to transfer your subscribers, i.e. makes it as easy as possible on all of you. I’ve paused monthly paid subscriptions; if you have an annual paid subscription and you want a refund because you paid for it on the premise of weekly emails, I will process those without complaint.

UPDATE: I moved to Buttondown. The rest of this post is at, but the beginning has to remain here because Substack’s approach to keeping people on their platform is, apparently, making it impossible to delete.